Since 1932

Here are just some of your favorite product lines that we carry.

Acorn Slippers

The most comfortable slippers - with style!


Made in Germany : Tradition since 1774, and still fashionable!


Waterproof boots for all.


American workwear…for everyone. You can’t choose your weather, but you can choose your gear.


Blurring the lines between Clark’s heritage and innovation is always exciting. After two centuries, Clark’s finds it isn’t a matter of experimenting, but doing more of that they’ve always done. Collections that balance contemporary motifs and the values of British craftsmanship, filling the serendipitous gap between luxury and legendary urban style.


Clogs offering all day comfort and support. For lifestyle and occupational environments.


“Nice pants!”


Two layer thermal creates the feel of a single layer with the warmth of three.


Hatley started as a cottage business - in an actual cottage! With it’s 100% cotton PJs, Hatleys pairs great fabric designs with a clever spin on everyday sayings and popular culture.


We know that if you’re going to play (or work) outside, you’d better be prepared with footwear that can do the same. Boots that keep you warm, dry and comfortable are not luxuries. They’re necessities.


If your hands need protection, Kinco has you covered.


The original jean.


Born from the trail, we’re serious about making superior quality footwear. Our performance shoes deliver durability, style and comfort.

Minus 33

Our super soft Merino wool clothing provides great temperature regulation with it’s natural moisture wicking ability. Merino wool is an excellent three season garment that will surely be the last piece you take off.

Red Wing

Built on America’s great promise; if one worked hard enough, one could achieve anything. Since 1905, that work ethic is poured into every cut and stitch that crafts a Red Wing boot. Red Wing has proudly stood for not only getting the job done, but getting it done right.


Style and performance are a perfect pair in these everyday socks. With the benefits of temperature regulation and moisture management combined with artful style, you may never want to take them off! Good for the sole.


Founded in 1962, Sorel brings the spirit and heritage of expert crafted boots to the modern world of fashion to inspire a new generation of doers, builders and creatrs.

Stormy Kromer

A great cap makes up for a bad barber.


Since 1973, our original yellow boot has been the inspiration for all that we do.


Sheepskin comfort and style.


From function to fashion; battlefields to cornfields, playgrounds to professional arenas, Wigwam has been THE sock of choice for 110 years.


Every brick, every worn footpath, every click of a loom in the Woolrich woolen mills tells a truly American tale. Since 1830.